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Our dental financing loans can help you pay for the dental work that's necessary to maintain the health of your teeth, jaw, and gums. If you, your spouse, or children need preventative, restorative, or cosmetic services, a dental loan can help relieve you from the financial strain.

For preventative dentistry, having regular dental checkups to prevent, diagnose, and treat oral diseases is just as important as having a yearly physical. Since preventative dental services are not included in most health insurance plans, paying for x-rays, fillings, or a routine 6 month checkup can be challenging. Not anymore. American Medical Loans offers dental financing to pay for these general dental costs. Whether you need your teeth cleaned, help preventing gingivitis or tooth decay, or any basic oral care, a dental loan can fund the service.

Need a dental loan? Apply online for an unsecured fixed rate dental loan to get started. American Medical Loans offers loans for braces and orthodontics, too!

What if your mouth needs an invasive dental procedure quickly? If you require a partial or full mouth reconstruction to correct severe dental problems, a dental loan offers an easy and fast financing solution. Typically, common oral surgeries, including wisdom teeth extraction, root canals, an overbite or underbite correction, or a jaw reconstruction to repair a misaligned jaw position, can cost more than a car. However, tooth and mouth pain need immediate repair. When your dentist diagnoses a more critical treatment to your oral ailments, finance your tooth restoration and dental procedures with a dental loan.

Although most dental health insurance packages focus on covering preventive and restorative dental care services, cosmetic dental surgeries and procedures to improve the appearance of your smile are often considered "elective". A dental loan for cosmetic services funds all elective dental services. You can have a brighter smile, higher quality dentures, or straighter teeth. Find a low cost loan to finance your cosmetic dentistry today. American Medical Loans can even finance the cost of orthodontics and braces!

Special dental financing options cover all oral surgeries and procedures - teeth whitening, crowns, bridgework, retainers, or dental implants. Seeing a cosmetic, orthodontic, endodontic, or family dentist is possible with dental financing from American Medical Loans. Use an AML dental loan to pay for the dental work that you or your family need.

Financing at American Medical Loans provides quick cash to cover all types of medical expenses.

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